Center of foreign languages Class in Kursk, Russia, has been teaching foreign languages students from all over the world since 2007.
We are also an authorized translation and interpretation agency with over 10 years’ experience of providing expert services.
Highly experienced in direct teaching methods, our teachers work side-by-side with you to enjoy effective, natural communication by building lexical range, accuracy, fluency and pronunciation. With a wide range of backgrounds and teaching experience, they share a passion for teaching and a commitment to their students' development.
When you start your course we will test your current knowledge of a foreign language to make sure you are placed in a group of a right level. It may be a group of Russian students who also learn the language at your level or it may be a group of only your friends or mates.

Call us or write on WhatsApp +79107310354 for further information. We speak fluent English. Follow us on Instagram as well @center_class