English conversations with native speaker in Center CLASS

Target Group  Russian adults (over 16s) who want to improve on their intermediate level English and specifically to practice their listening, understanding and speaking skills in the context of finding out first-hand about all aspects of life in the UK and sharing at first-hand

Discussions will be led by Ned Kemp

Ned is a 63 year-old Englishman, living in Kursk and married to a Russian Doctor. Ned completed his education in England at Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Science in 1976. He then served in the Royal Navy, in Her Majesties Submarines, both Nuclear and Diesel and as a senior staff officer rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, before retiring in 1992. After leaving the Navy, Ned returned to University for a degree in Rural Estate Management (Agriculture and Forestry) and pursued a career in the management of adult education in various parts of England. After 2 years as Strategy Director of a City Council in Northern England, Ned worked for a UK based charity running a school in Tanzania and as Principal of an International School in Tanzania for almost six years (with a one year break back in UK working for the Anglican Diocese of St Albans near London). He came to live in Kursk in late 2016. Ned has an adult son and daughter working in UK and visits them and his elderly mother every 6 months.

Topics and dates of the discussions